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Peak Dental Resources (PDR) was founded by Dr. Ben Kacos, DMD, to provide education, resources, and support to other dental practice owners who want to grow their business. We stand at the forefront of continuing dental education, empowering dental professionals to ascend to the pinnacle of their practice. With a commitment to fostering excellence in patient care and practice management, we offer a comprehensive suite of live and online courses. Our curriculum explores maximizing the essential facets of dental practice, including hygiene, leadership, culture, case acceptance, marketing, and more.

Meet Dr. Ben Kacos

After speaking on behalf of the Dental Success Institute (DSI) and participating as one of the esteemed Black Belt Coaches for this wonderful organization, Dr. Kacos realized he heard the same questions over and over. With a genuine drive to help his colleagues but only 30 minutes on the phone or during session breaks at DSI events—Dr. Kacos knew he had to do something different. This model simply did not allow Dr. Kacos’ friends and colleagues to move the needle as much as he knew they could.

Dr. Kacos decided to start providing inch-wide and mile-deep education to dental teams across the country. Topics address common recurring pain points in the dental practice community, such as dental hygiene, treatment presentation, marketing, leadership, and culture. With his engaging presentation style and content that’s designed to be immediately implementable for the dental teams that participate, the only regret his attendees mention is not bringing more team members. The Peak Dental Resources seminars are designed to be delivered to entire teams, including keeping registration fees below value so entire teams can participate to reap the full potential of the education.

Needless to say, these credentials make Dr. Kacos a true leader in his profession in fact, he was just named as a “Top 40 under 40” by the Dental Success Network. Dr. Kacos has lectured on stages from coast to coast and has been on many dental podcasts. His team at SDS is also Google’s highest-rated team in Shreveport.

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Shreveport Dental Solutions focuses on providing patient care in a relaxed, comfortable environment. Dr. Ben Kacos and Dr. Kishan Patel are committed to offering top-notch dental care for patients in Shreveport, LA. Learn more about the office, using the link below.

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